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  1. I am an Evernote Plus member and have been since college. Recently downloaded the Evernote Desktop app for Mac on a work machine and was aghast to find it downloading all of my personal notebooks, and notebooks from previous jobs, upon first sign-in. This is really a deal-breaker for me since I do not wish to store all of my personal notes on my work computer. I think the following solutions would work: Encrypt certain notebooks with separate passwords. Ability to select certain notebooks for local syncing. Keep the others on Evernote's servers. Separate "profiles" or "accounts" all linked to my original Evernote account, with different notebooks. I could just sign in with my work email address, for example. Thanks!
  2. +1 am I really supposed to scroll through all of my old notebooks every time I use Scannable?
  3. I have the same problem. Scanning via Scannable or Evernote apps for iPhone result in upside down pages. In order to fix it, I have to use Adobe Acrobat. It would be very nice if I could rotate pages of the scanned PDFs directly in Evernote.
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