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  1. Hi gazumped The way your messages display to me in the web app does not have any footer or links... see screenshot.
  2. Hi Dave No unfortunately the "Manual Mode" is not the same as the old way. It does not trim the edges of documents or remove the borders/background that the document is placed on. Thanks
  3. Hi Can you please point me to where I can get "access to email support"? I did search high and low for this. Thanks
  4. Hi The recent "upgrade" to scanning documents is rubbish. Before, I could control the focus myself by tapping, and could control the point at which the image was captured. Then the app would do its magic and trim and straighten the document Now the app wants to be clever and do everything all by itself. By the time it decides to take the image my hand has just about fallen off from having to hold the phone still for so long. Then try doing this for twenty documents in a row! If I get frustrated and tap the screen to make the app capture the image immediately... no more trimming the edges or shaping the document... just an ugly document with a border of whatever surface the document is on. Maybe these changes work for some, so what is needed is the ability to ROLL BACK to the old way, at least until this new way actually works for all. If not I want my money back. I purchased a working product I could use on dozens of documents, quickly and efficiently. Now I no longer have this. Someone from Evernote please contact me to facilitate this. And that brings me to problem two... it's far too hard to send a message to Evernote. I should not have to resort to a message in the forums. It's funny how the progression through the support pages is Feedback and Communication > General Feedback > go to forums > Post an idea. An idea!? It's almost like Evernote can't countenance the idea of an actual complaint! Thanks
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