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  1. It happened several times now when I drag words and pdf files into a new note window. I have to restart Evernote, the created note appear with a thumbnail of the document but empty inside. Please fix. There are multiples more minor bugs but this one is very annoying. Although I've just renewed the subscription, I'm so disappointed with the product lately.
  2. So why don't you just leave the thread like it is, and let the number speaks? Why do you also have to participate in this discussion and utter nonsense?
  3. First, this kind of work is not good at all. The customer who need helps will have the impression that the product doesn't care about the voice of its customers. Second, this thread is still open, and its voting is still increasing. Changes take time to happen, so if there is a progress, human usually have a hope. So what I need to know is, is the Evernote team considering this, waiting for the vote to reach a number?, or clearly there is already an answer inside the company, this suggest were printed to the paper, placed in the meeting table, they had a discussion, and then they said no, and then the paper was thrown to the trash can, and then this thread is still open for the users who have hope about this feature? It hurts.
  4. That's not even close to the situation. If you want to use the fruit section metaphor, so here is the correct one: E is a supermarket near my house, I enjoy shopping here very often, and shopping a lot, so I register a membership card (with customer benefits). I like to eat apples but this supermarket doesn't sell them, so I have to go to another market to buy apples. Clearly, it's not convenient for me. It turns out that the E supermarket has an apartment to collect customer feedback. I'm on my way to write them a suggestion about considering to sell apples. Then there are some guys, who are buying oranges, comes and insists me that oranges' taste is so good, they have a lot of nutrition, why don't I eat oranges? why do I even suggest the supermarket to sell apples??? p/s: and I don't really care about the nutrition, I just simply enjoy the taste of an apple.
  5. I am just a regular busy user, being able to find out this forum and give some votes is an unusual thing I do for a software. So if this idea is 100% contradict to the EVN direction, why the hell this thread is still open with a hundred vote? Is there any management team or person here to read what is explained and officially give a verdict? What is the point of this forum? It's from 2008, reading, arguing, it depressingly and devastatingly wastes the time of users.
  6. I will not argue with you about the request vs demand vocabulary because after all, the purpose of a product to meet the demand of its users. Agree that you give me an advice that I should do this and I shouldn't do that. But the thing which matters to me is what I want. Evernote is a good product, I purchased it, and I want to use Evernote with this feature which is lacking, so I use this forum to talk to the development team. With the nested feature, it does not affect you, the users who are using tags. I so don't see the reasons why you guys are arguing so hard about this feature as if this nested feature will put an end to the tag system. I've used both of the systems, sometimes I do use tags, sometimes nested are better (why? because I know it IS better in that case, I have a brain). So arguing with me the tag system is better, you prefer the tag system, I should looking for a different product is nonsense. Why should I need to look for another product when I love to use EVN and I have a chance to request the feature?
  7. Failed analogy. If it is in the grocery store, then I will just leave, or I will demand to see the manager. But in this product, EN users have the right to demand feature based on their interest, familiarity, and convenience, that is the purpose of this forum, which make EN better, and can serve a wide range of users (and I thought that is what they are aiming for). This forum thread, it's like my experience at the grocery store where I tell the clerk that I want to buy apples I prefer the taste of an apple, then a guy, who is also a customer, comes and tell me that I shouldn't buy apples, I should buy oranges because oranges taste better. That guy is you, the users who keep talking about tags again and again, and even say that if I don't want to use tag then just leave.
  8. I used some note to store some code snippet for future reference. With the new versions, the code pasted to the note lose all the indentation information (but with all the colors), even in the code section. Is this a bug or a deliberate design?
  9. IT IS F******************************************* ANNOYING!!! & ugly
  10. "it works for many, but not for all", so this is why the "feature request forum" is made for, isn't it?
  11. Thank you for the information. Very appreciate. I'm still using the application as the way it provides. But sometime it's better to have some direct feature like nested notebook. And I saw this in the feature suggestion forum, so I just contribute one more vote.
  12. First, I had joined EN community and saw this topic opening for discuss, I really don't care if this thread started in 1998. Second, what is wrong with "deep hierarchies of file folders", who classified it as an old habit? Finally, why are you so salty about this idea? Actually I don't really care. What I care about is that will I have an official response from the EN staff who can tell the actual status / decision relating to this feature. If you EN really don't want to do this, then just say a No a close this topic. If you EN accept this task then please say Yes. I see no reason why we need to debate anymore when there is a vote and currently it is about +50.
  13. Yes, I felt the same when coming to this forum. Some members just impose their opinion to us with their point of view, use cases and alternative way to work around when it comes to a situation the nested notebook is really useful. It's kind of trying to disagree and completely prevent the idea of adding a new different feature despite the fact that adding this feature does NOT create a similar/duplicating functionality or impact on their way of using tag system, and I don't know why? Don't tell me that you want me to use EN the same way like yours, because I don't save the same content as yours and I don't have the same organizing philosophies (rules and conventions that optimized the best for me in case of performance and effectiveness in saving, recalling and searching) as yours. Just one thing to say to the admins or the product manager I don't know if you read this: Everyone has their own way to organize thing which works best for them and in their own sense. EN is a tool set and it should provide tools for the customers to freely manage their own organizing without the limitation. I think it is the goal of EN, right?. Thank you very much for this amazing product.
  14. TL;DR: +1 for this request (I'm willing to pay some more to have this feature) I've read all the discussion above and completely agreed with everyone who need this feature. There are so much useful contexts to have multiple levels notebook including mine (I've been looking for this feature very long time). In my humble opinion, and in my point of view and in my cases of use, I found TAG completely useless (for me). Yes it is useful, I may use it in other systems. But with Evernote, I've never used it, I always search my note by its title or the parent notebook, why? because 1.) I've already organize it to the right place (although not completely satisfied because of lacking of this feature); and 2.) If using tag, I have another organizing system in my head to remember (actually I've tried to use it but since then, I completely delete all the tags in my Evernote, they don't fulfill my cases of use)
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