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  1. @gazumped with due respect, Evernote has not pushed an update to Penultimate in nearly two years. I’m pretty sure Evernote is indeed “aware of the situation” and have opted to be silent until they inevitably announce its end of life.
  2. Thanks Materiell: When you say you didn't lose any notebooks or info, do you mean it is still available in the Penultimate app, or do you mean it is still backed up in Evernote though it is not showing up in Penultimate? Thanks for guinea pigging! -Brandon
  3. Could not agree more with you, @gewappnet. Penultimate automatically adds pages when you get to the end of the current one, and supports multiple page types, making it better than Evernote's "sketch", which is meant for a single-page sketch. And Penultimate's integration with Evernote, such that it is, is still better than any other note-taking apps' integration with Evernote. But the defects are seriously mounting. @DTLow you've mentioned two features: OCR (and evernote's full text search) as well as autosync. Taking the whole package, I find Evernote/Penultimate is still more convenient
  4. Hey there, Jenny: I dont think so. The feature is having different paper types, wnich works on a new installation. But on mine, if I choose the 'Piano' paper type, it comes out blank. I bet it is happening when one migrates user storage to a new device from iCloud. The paper types dont get copied over, botching your Penultimate install.
  5. Device: Apple iPad Pro 10.5" 512GB iOS version: 10.3.2 Penultimate: 64-bit Evernote Acct Type: Premium Problem When choosing a paper type from sections beneath Basic (such as Writing, Time & Tasks, Photo Pages, Games, Design Collection, Young Writers, and Music), the template is not showing. See the screenshots attached; the second screenshot exhibits the "Piano" paper type. Note: this is identical to to Brian A and mister tee's ignored post over 5 months ago. Possible cause: this iPad is the third I've owned since using Penultimate. When rest
  6. I'm coming to this and see Brian A has outlined a legit bug 5 months ago. Why arent any devs responding to premium users like Brian A and mister tee and now myself who are having this problem? I'm bumping this and starting a new topic specifically referencing the issue.
  7. Hi all, I just stumbled on a critical bug that I cannot reproduce. I am running the iPad version with an Evernote account (see footer for system details). The bug could result in unintended, permanent data loss if someone does not have a trash recovery option through Evernote. Since I cannot reproduce the bug, I have to give a general rundown of the behavior from memory. Initial conditions are a number of Penultimate Notebooks that are synced with Evernote Cloud (Pro). I opened a notebook that has over a handful of multi-page drawings, say 6 entries with 5-15 pages apiece.
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