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  1. I am having trouble submitting a ticket to Evernote. Your system is very complicated and time-consuming. I keep being notified that I have exceeded my upload limit. However, on my account page I have plenty of room to upload and 25 days left in the current cycle. I feel like I am being scammed or pressured to upgrade and it's very annoying. I'm also ready to quit using Evernote although I have liked it very much. But I do not need to upgrade at this time and I have plenty of room to upload if Evernote would reset whatever trigger they are using to  inform me (iincorrectly) that I cannot upload anything more. 

  2. I keep trying to submit a ticket but they have pre-decided topics and if the problem doesn't fit one of the pre-selected topics then you can't fill out a ticket. Very frustrating. I have spent far too long just trying to contact them and tell them they are notifying me incorrectly. I can't find the "address section" you refer to.
  3. Evernote keeps interrupting me with a message that I have exceeded my upload limit and need to upgrade or things will not appear consistently across my devices. I have gone to my account page and I have plenty of space to upload according to the info on that page. It is very annoying and Evernote will not let me upload anything. I feel like I'm being scammed and pressured to upgrade and I don't need to upgrade. I'm just a single user, not a company and not a business. Please someone tell me who to contact to get Evernote to correct this problem. In addition, it is much too hard to find someone to get an answer from. It is too time consuming to try to find out where and who you need to contact to get a solution.
  4. Why is there not an easier way to email Evernote with a problem. It's just far too time-consuming to contact Evernote. It's irritating. I don't have time to search around looking for the right place. I just want to tell you what's wrong and get a response. Don't make it so hard. My problem: Evernote keeps telling me I have exceeded my upload limit, but when I got to my account page, I have plenty of room to upload and I cannot figure out how to reset it and how to get Evernote to quit telling my I'm over my limit when I'm not. Is this a marketing ploy to harass me into upgrading? Please quit telling my I can't upload anything else when my account page shows that I have plenty of room to upload. It's annoying me a lot.
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