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  1. Hi all, fairly new to using Evernote so just after some helpful advice. I've been using Any.DO for a year or so now for personal organisation and more heavily for work tasks. I work in marketing so in Any.DO I am accustomed to creating a note with the title being the name of the client and the sub tasks within the note being the work tasks I need to complete for each client. I then organise these tasks by time so I can clearly see the tasks I need to do by: today, tomorrow, upcoming and some day. Recently, Any.DO has developed quite a lot of bugs that make relying on this app for work purposes very questionable. Therefore, I would like to switch over to Evernote. However, before paying for a subscription I just wanted to know if any previous Any.DO users would be able to help me replicate the structure I have set up in Any.DO in Evernote. Once I can confirm tasks can be broken down by client and then by day/time I will definitely make the switch.
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