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  1. Tried other fields as well, but a new date field is more preferable. When you click on a native date/time field Evernote can show up a calender etc. For sorting its also better because when treated like a date field the sorting is done based on a date, when using a text field it's sorted on AZ instead of true date sorting.
  2. I'm aware of the current workarounds like setting the date in the title of the note or just inside the note and using those frequently However since it's just Text it does not work as good as having a dedicated field for it. What I ment is a separate date field just like the Updated and Created Date/time fields. Something you can set as a property of the note instead of a date/time stamp inside the note. That way you can sort the notes on their actual date/time thus creating a chronological view. See below for a screenprint about how it could look like. The whole point of the
  3. I use Evernote extensively for notekeeping and I'm really missing the feature to add an customizable Date/Timestamp. For example: when keeping notes about a meeting it would be very helpful to set an fixed date/timestamp to the note so it can be tracked backed in time much easier. Other example: sometimes you write a note about a meeting based on handwritten notes. The Creation date isn't much helpful because it's not related to the actual date/time of the subject, nor is the modified time. If you could add a seperate date/time stamp which represents the true date/time of the meeting you
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