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  1. That aspect ratio doesn't work at all for me (718/865 = 83.0%). I find 85.6% fits great. To create my own paper templates, I use Word tables and tweak the dimensions to get that ratio. Then I use the Snipping Tool to capture that as a PNG image. Since I'm running MS, I email that file to myself (original size), save the image on iPad, then import into Penultimate. Example calendar attached. Love it!
  2. Same problem here: While trying to get Jot Script 2 to connect (still not working right either), I deleted and reinstalled Penultimate and my paper options went from dozens to just 4 - the other options are blank. My activity log has many entries that include "Successfully imported paper . . . from data". but I can't use any of the types beyond the top line. Any updates on this? Thx!
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