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  1. Not sure if you're intending to sound confrontational or if it's just the limitations of online communication. I'll assume the latter. I needed to access my notes on more than two devices. That recently-imposed restriction was the final straw for me. And those with whom I shared notes were not able to edit them. I've been able to sidestep those problems since moving to Notes on MacOS and iOS. As for bugs, I couldn't say as I have not yet encountered any bugs to report. But since I had no mechanism for reporting bugs in Evernote, attempting the same in Notes certainly won't be any less productive. I understand that Evernote needs to turn a profit. I also understand that they impose limitations on free users in order to move them to paid accounts. I don't fault them for that. For me, switching to Notes on MacOS / iOS was the right move.
  2. I ditched Evernote about a month ago. Now I'm using Notes on my Macs and other Apple devices. I know Evernote's got to turn a profit, but the restrictions that they placed on free users were just too much. Since the switch I'm able to access my Notes on all of my devices and fully share them with family members.
  3. Ah. Now I'm seeing the problem. I'm using the free version of Evernote. Apparently submitting a bug report isn't possible unless you're a paying customer.
  4. Right. The green "Activity log" link shown in your screenshot is to a page with instructions pertaining to the Activity log. When the user clicks the link, he sees that the third step on that page for Mac users says, "Attach this file to a new support ticket...." But clicking on the link provided only takes the user back to the Help & Learning / Submit a request page. It's circular.
  5. Thank you. Unfortunately the link in your signature leads to one of the pages I'm trying to report as having a problem.
  6. I would like to submit a bug report, but first I need to report that Evernote's bug reporting process is circular and results in the user being continually looped back to the same pages. In addition, the instructions given for how a user can generate an Activity Log from iPhone are also incorrect. = = = = = First, go to Help & Learning / Submit a request. Under "What can we help you with?" click to select Technical Issues. Under "Select a topic" click to select Notes. Under "What type of note issue?" click to select Report a bug. The page instructs, "Please submit a ticket and provide as much information as possible so we can diagnose the problem." The only link available is to a page with instructions pertaining to the Activity log. The third step for Mac users say, "Attach this file to a new support ticket..." but clicking on the link provided only takes the user back to the Help & Learning / Submit a request page. It's circular. = = = = = Next, the actual bug. On iPhone, I've created a list with check boxes (attached list_pic.jpg). Notice under "Hallway." [ ] Closet: add under stair storage access / door I would like to add another item after this one, and so I click at the end of the line and click Return. Instead of adding a new item, however, the line that I was on is deleted. And shaking the phone to Undo doesn't reverse the problem. I've encountered this bug several times. = = = = = Last, the instructions on how to send an Activity Log from iPhone are incorrect. The instructions there state: Tap the gear icon in the upper left corner of the Evernote home screen Tap Support from the settings menu To create a new support ticket: tap 'Submit a Support Request', fill out the subject and description, make sure 'Include activity log?' is toggled on, then tap 'Submit.' But there is no option to 'Submit a Support Request' in the Support menu. See attached version.png for technical info.
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