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  1. Thank you for the info! So it looks like they already grappled with this. I will look into that discussion. I appreciate everyone's feedback and insight 🙂
  2. Yeah I definitely wasn't considering item #2. Certainly a thing. 😕 If there were to be another more affordable tier added, it would have to weigh the features vs. the Premium tier such that the Premium tier is still a compelling buy for those who use the service at that level. Hopefully, with that under consideration, the Premium tier would roughly retain it's level of subscribers. My original post mentioned some reduced capabilities compared to the Premium plan, but they could certainly be adjusted/reduced more, like maybe this: Sync across devices 5 4 Month
  3. I was just looking for something more "middle-ground" while also supporting Evernote above and beond the "free" tier. To go from free to $8/month is a huge jump for a typical student or other low-income person. To have something priced lower while offering fewer bells and whistles than Premium would benefit all parties involved. Obviously I have no idea what it costs Evernote to provide the services it provides, so my pricing was purely an estimate. I wonder what a person could get for $27/yr? I've been with Evernote for a long time. I remember when the Windows client software looke
  4. That's right... $2.25/month, $27/year. That would be the sweet spot for me. Anyone else agree? Would maybe have Sync across devices 5 Monthly Uploads 2 GB Maximum note size 100 MB Also: Access notebooks offline Forward emails into Evernote Search in Office docs & PDFs Present notes in one click Annotate PDFs
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