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  1. Tested and it’s beautiful! Thanks to the hints appearing when running the new evernote for ios you’ll learn that you need to swipe an existing tag to the left in order to make the menu button appear where you can, among other things, move your tag in the hierarchy. I find it a step too much but it makes room for the arrow indicating you can expand/collapse the nested tags. Well done! I just wonder what king a visual would have been a better indication to remind you that you can swipe to the left while you currently have none. You must know and remember that. I am so glad I can browse and manage my tag hierarchy on my ios devices ! Thanks!
  2. Dear evernote, Do you have plans to introduce this feature - encrypting text in side a note - in Evernote Web ? FX
  3. I found a way to use the Web version of Evernote on an iPad: - install Mozilla FireFox from the AppStore - connect to your evernote account - open the option pane of the browser, and choose 'Show Desktop Version' Not only you can zoom in your notes like on any web page, but teh rich-text editor lets you change the font size. I only miss one thing: encrypting text in my notes....
  4. I managed to view my tags in a hierarchy on my iPad. This is how: - I installed Firefox Web Browser from the appstore - I browsed to evernote.com and logged-in using my account - I switched to PC version of the web site Then I could use the Web version on my iPad and that version shows tags hierarchy.
  5. I found another feature that can help : you can use your fingers to zoom in your note. Apparently, there are 2 zoom levels. This can help those who are uncomfortable with the small default font. However, this isn't enough, because it's not helping the formatting of your notes. As I said, it's just a zoom.
  6. I would like to add my voice here. I want my iPad to be my primary device, and I still need my PC/Mac to organize my tags, and I still can't navigate in my tags usin my iPad as I enjoy doing it on my PC. So sad. I noticed that more than 3 other topics are about tags and nested tags. Summing up all votes make this request the number 1
  7. Hi, I want to add my voice here. I would like to use my iPad as my primary device and I really miss the ability to view / organize my tags in a hierachy. - I also miss the ability to encrypt text in my notes by the way => already mentionned in another topic. As the price is going up, I hope to see the iPad App getting more attention.
  8. On iOS devices, one can decrypt text that was encrypted on the PC/Mac version of Evernote. But it is not possible to encrypt text on iOS. I'd like to use my iPad as my primary device, and I lack this important feature to me.
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