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  1. I have a problem that is almost similar. I have a premium subscription but keep getting deactived and sent to basic because of my business account. The business account setup is confusing. I paid for members and removed them then my business account was canceled..... i lost weeks of data and information. I talked to Billy J from support and she said that I could get access to filesand that I will have to sign up with my business account and can do it on credit. I did do that but never did get my lost data back. I kept trying. I also ended up not canceling the Business account. Never had the employees to be charged and now I am being billed for the entire year $600 and never used it. Never would have resigned up either if it was not suggested for me to get my files. I need my premium account back. I paid for it for one year and its not been a year yet. Please Help!!!! I am disappointed.
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