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  1. It seems everyone is commenting about the tab feature in the application itself. But what about multiples tab in the web browser version. This is completely ridiculous. I would like to understand, why the heck they block multiple tabs in Safari (web browser version), but allow it in Chrome?!?! See the screenshot attached. This is what you see if you attempt to load the Evernote web version in more than one tab in Safari. I switched from Chrome to Safari today, after many years of refusing. I couldn't stand hearing the MBP fan anymore. Everything has been amazing so far, until I ran into this BS. And honestly, I never even used the Evernote Web browser version until a few months ago, when they also decided to handicap their free users by classifying the "web browser" version as ONE of the sync devices. Are you kidding me? Prior to this incredibly stupid decision by the Evernote team, a free user could use 2 devices (e.g. their iPhone and their laptop) and also access the notes via the website. This obviously comes in handy when for example, you have a work device, a personal device, and an iPhone, and occasionally, god forbid, you have the desire to view the contents of that one file through the web browser on your work device (or secondary laptop for that matter). But no, now you can't, because the stupid web version is counted as a device. Honestly, people complain that free users should stop complaining and just upgrade. Well, I have an argument for that. Some free users, like myself, have paid for the premium version and after a year or so, I found that I didn't use any of the features. I barely take up a few hundred MB of disk space on their servers, I never have a need for saving note files larger than a few MBs and I use the app sparingly. I have also advertised by recommending the service to friends, family, and blog readers. This is free advertising for them and certainly has been worth more than 30 bucks or so a year. Seeing the direction of where things are going, is extremely frustrating. Users have no doubt been leaving the platform. Has been the best platform out there for a long time. But just like Chrome and Safari as I referenced earlier, now that they both have the ability to sync passwords across devices, sync bookmarks, and have all the same browser extensions, it really doesn't matter. I guess I need to look into Google Keep and OneNote again to see how far they have come. Perhaps I will switch over to one of those today as well. Safari has been quite refreshing. Pathetic!
  2. This is great and works! Thanks JMichaelTX. Any idea how to do this on the PC version of the software? This option under clipping appears to be missing. Don't know why they would leave this off the list for PC users. It drives me nuts to minimize every document after I attach them via my PC client. Thanks
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