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  1. Thanks and yes, One note seemed ok, i had it with the files sitting on dropbox etc and so you have a backup happening - I have found the evernote though integrates with my phone a bit better.
  2. Thankyou both worked on the computers ----- @DTLow and @jefito for the updates Thankyou
  3. Hi Dave @dave-in-decatur just a followup on my issues, performance and crashing of evernote, freezing etc. as you had kindly offered response when i last posted. This is what i did and made HUGE HUGE difference to the operation of evernote. From unusable to great! I turned off all the sycing and made manual sync - even turn off sync on exit. you just want to click sync manually, no auto syncing etc. i checked the number of devices being synced, not a problem - but checked anyway to reduce. i broke up the folders. some were too large into more folders containing less notes. There were some that had thousands of notes. When i was resorting the notes I did notice performance actually improve. I have over 35,000 notes from the years. Having done 1-3 the system has improved speed, performance, opening, closing, etc. occassionally theres a bit of stalling and thinking going on but I am extremely happy with the performance of evernote now since doing 1-3 above. The biggest noticable win was breaking up the notes into more and smaller folders.
  4. It would be great if i could just right click on a line and press 'insert date and time' then type my note Is this feature available? I get a lot of calls and notes which I need to keep typing the date+time and for example a phone call note which specifically need a date and time log of the call etc and it would be so much quicker to just do a right click insert - then type away what i needed to for that moment
  5. I have no issues on android I have momentary freezing issues on ipad, ipad mini, pc, mac mini and mac note books. Ive had this for years, im a premium paid user during this time. I just don't know how evernote never addressed this crashing, freezing, slowing issue in their systems over the years. There is no excuse in terms of being my device, my problem as i even purchased a new notebook with upgraded specs for the specific reason of running an evernote system in mind - still problems. I also run other softwares and find gmail, google drive, other services which have a mountain of notes and information run perfectly. Stuff can be found quickly and theres no lagging issues and situations where the browswer like evernote slows, lightens in colour and freezes and i have to wait for it to sort itself out. The android version of the app is excellent, not an issue now. On a previous android phone I had issues similar to above (similar to ios, windows and mac desktop probs )
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