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  1. I have just figured out there are 2 evernote accounts - not sure why the clipper from safari is using the wrong one. There does not seem to be any settings so Ill need to find how to change to from one to another ? Any ideas ?
  2. I can manually sync my desktop (mac laptop) and been wondering why only in the last few days I am not getting my pages I email directly to Evernote. I check online, and they are all there. Auto Sync setup - I do manual Sync - I close it down and start again. Any suggestions ? Evernote-1-r.pdf Evernote-2-r.pdf
  3. Hi - I am trying to capture full page shots and I can't seem to stop getting an image that has all text hi lighted. I am not hi lighting any text so its not visual and there are no controls visual to turn on or off the hi-light feature ? Thanks
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