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  1. YES!! The same thing is happening to me and it's incredibly frustrating. Each time I switch away to a different program, when I come back to Evernote, I have to click twice before I can edit or add to that note. This makes taking notes for a meeting incredibly difficult and I've often started typing only to have nothing appear. Please, please, please can someone from Evernote look into this. It is making this software unusable for me. I'm on Windows 7 Pro SP1, Lenovo Thinkpad X1. Thank you!
  2. Adding my voice to this thread. Evernote, PLEASE fix this! It's an obvious and essential function and it is frustrating to not have it. When someone shares a note with me I should be able to move it into a notebook, and changes I make to it should be reflected in both copies (assuming I have editing permission). Please, please, please do something about this!
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