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  1. New to evernote, sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, if so i wasn't using the right search terms. What I am trying to do is create a standard set of reminders that trigger of of an entered date, kind of like a checklist, that will pop up on the device, i.e. I set a date of 1 Feb. 2 weeks prior you need to do this. 1 week prior you need to do this, 2 days prior you need to do this. The reminders will always be the same, only the date will change. If evernote won't do this, any ideas for the the best app to do it? Thanks in advance, sorry again if it's been covered 100 times els
  2. Thanks guys. Exactly the information I was looking for. Cleared up all my questions. Apologies for not wording my question a little better, but as I am starting to realize, I haven't quite figured out yet exactly how I am going to put Evernote to the best use for my purposes. Very cool that it's as flexible as it is, but a big learning curve for someone used to more rigid architecture. Thanks again.
  3. Probably an eye roller but I'm still trying getting my head around the evernote architecture. I am in the middle of converting to a paperless workflow for both personal and business applications and have been using the iBook "paperless" by David Sparks as a guide. He mentions using a scansnap scanner to scan directly to evernote since it does OCR automatically. There are several other ways to do this, and I personally prefer doing OCR as a batch later, given the extra processing time involved per page, but it made me curious if scanning directly to evernote would limit me in accessing t
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