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  1. Hi I can't see how to display the note size anywhere in the Windows client. As above it's not in Info, and neither is it visible in the List View.
  2. I was seeing this too recently. I'm currently on Basic v7.9 - although I'm not sure this was updated recently. Keyboard is English (UK) Android Keyboard (AOSP). Running CM13.1 i.e. Android 6.01.
  3. Hi I too was puzzled by this option, so I'm glad of the explanation. I've been plagued by Note Conflicts so hopefully this should help. I've noticed note changes are not "noticed" by the Windows client hours after my android device has synced them, which I find rather concerning. Then again thinking about it, I'm not sure this option will help, but we'll see ... Now my only question is why is this option not enabled by default i.e. why would anyone want "delayed sync" by default?
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