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  1. larrycz

    Font size for visually impaired too small

    I'd like to be able to display existing notes with a larger font set in iOS accessibility settings. That way the notes are unchanged on desktop or web. I use larger font size on iPhone to relieve my eyes.
  2. I've somehow managed to accidentally delete a note
  3. Select a note and run the script. You will get a PDF that is a two-column A4. Because you often write your notes in a narrow window, it will look pretty as a two-column PDF.
  4. I found myself doing this manually using Pages, and decided to automate the process https://embswit.wordpress.com/2017/11/02/two-column-a4-layout-from-evernote
  5. It's great to have Evernote integrated with Spotlight (I understand this can be quite a struggle to get set up properly in OS X). Here is how I think the integration could be improved: 1. Preview is too small in the Spotlight window, only shows a couple of words and isn't scrollable. 2. Notes bring up the Evernote window when you click on them in Spotlight. When I do lots of Spotlight searches and just want the note windows opening up, it's a chore to close the Evernote window every time.
  6. Thanks for your response. Something is definitely very wrong with the iOS app on my iPhone at the moment. No offline notebooks or unsynced notes. I'm just trying to edit a note and type a couple of words. I've now bought Premium and contacted support.
  7. Type a few words, then Evernote decides it's time to synchronise and block keyboard input. Keep trying like this for a couple of minutes, get a few "synchronising, are you sure you want to edit now?" messages as well. Almost impossible to actually type text in a note.
  8. larrycz

    ANSWERED Updates annoy me....

    In Mac version 6.5 a bar with "new updates available" is displayed over the top of the window despite checking for updates disabled in preferences Is that a bug?