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  1. I found some more posts in the forums with this issue, which included Premium users. The workaround for the tags was to stop using the tags and instead type all the keywords into the title or the note so you could use the magnifying glass search to find things later. We didn't see any work around for not being able to move existing notes into the shared notebook.
  2. We wanted to use evernote to track household receipts, etc. EX: I took the car to the mechanic and snapped a photo of the itemized receipt. A month later, she does the same thing. Does evernote not do this? I'm shocked. My wife creates a notebook and shares it with me. she puts the share permissions as high as they go "Can Edit & Invite". From her side, she can do anything. From my side I can not move existing notes into the shared notebook and I can not add new tags to any notes in the notebook (to clarify: I can add a tag to a note if that tag already exists. If I try to make a tag that has not already been used once before by her, I'm not allowed to do it. I get the message: "You do not have permission to create tags in this notebook. The following tags were ignored:") Please tell me I'm doing it wrong or I have a setting wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you all!
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