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  1. No good. I'm on Version: and it's still happening. And here's what happens when I try to submit a ticket ... {"success":"false","reason":"csrf_failure"}
  2. Sadly, no. I'm on Version: No help. And I can't report this to the support team.
  3. What's happened with the Web Clipper? Used to save stuff to the Evernote for Mac standalone app. All good. But now, for no apparent reason, it suddenly LOOKS LIKE it's saving stuff to the Evernote web version -- except that it doesn't save anything. Just gets hung up.
  4. Yep. This just started happening for me as well. Before that, it was a problem with multiple-page PDF documents shot with Scannable. One page would display normally, and then the next one would display only as a tiny little thumbnail. I must have spent a couple of months emailing back and forth with EN support, and we're no closer to a resolution.
  5. No, they asked me to delete the app, restart my iPhone, install the app again, and try again. It's gotten just as weird in the aftermath of that, though. https://www.evernote.com/l/AVQKMAL_71FGk7aTVfIIoEQyVuU0F9CXF30
  6. You mean using the camera function within the EN iOS app? And no, I'm not changing the camera distance and / or angle and / or lighting between images.
  7. If it can't recognize words in PDFs, why even mention the feature?
  8. So I used Scannable to capture 6 pages from my Evernote/Moleskine notebook, and 2 of the pages are displaying much smaller than the others. No idea why. Don't know whether it's EN or Scannable.
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