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  1. One thing I love about Evernote is how I can access my notes from anywhere using a variety of devices. I use the Evernote Desktop application on my Windows Desktop at home, and on my Surface Pro 4. I use the Web app at work, or on other computers. And I use the iOS app on my iPhone. Across all those devices and platforms, the number 1 thing that irks me, and causes me to waste most time, is the inconsistent formatting options across all devices. Let me give you an example: I was working in a note today, using the web app on my work computer. I have a template that I created a while back, that includes formatting for all the different sections of the note in question. I duplicate the template note when I want to start a new entry. (BTW, the duplicate note function of the desktop app is mysteriously absent from the web app). In the web app, I'm editing and adding content, but I have to be careful, because not all the font sizes are available in the web app. 16 point font, for example, is only available on the Desktop application. I can edit 16 point font in the web app, or on iOS, but if I delete it, it will revert to 14 point font. So I'm constantly hitting undo to try to keep the formatting consistent across the note. I finish editing the note for the work day, and head home. When I get home, I open the Desktop application, and open my note. I find that the web app has decided to use Gotham, as the font for everything in the note. This is problematic, because Gotham isn't installed on my desktop, which means anything I write or edit in the note is in a different font from everything else. Not a problem, I select the entire note, and change it back to Tahoma, my usual font for evernote... or at least, it was. Tahoma is no longer available as a font in the web app... Alright, well... moving on. Then I notice that the font size is inconsistent between several paragraphs. The paragraphs that I had written in the desktop app is all 10 point font. But the paragraphs I had written in the web app are all, 11 point font? Ok, I select the offending paragraphs and set them all back to 10 point font. Then, just because I'm curious, I hit sync on the desktop app, and open up the web app. All the text is 14 point font. What?? I set the font in the web app back to 10 point, but now it's obviously way to small. When I sync back to the desktop app, it's all 8 point font. I'm sure at this point you can understand my frustrations. I would simply like to have a consistent experience across all platforms. I am spending way to much time trying to keep my notes formatted in the way that I need them to be, so that I can quickly and easily read and understand them. I shouldn't have to play catch up every time I switch platforms, because Evernote can't make up it's mind about how it handles formatting. I would be happier with limited formatting choices that are consistent across all devices. Rather than having all the choices on the desktop app, and limited (and different) choices on the web app. The iOS app (for iPhone), has basically no formatting options.
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