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  1. I was using TinyScanner. I added .pdf to the name and it catches it now. Great help thanks!
  2. This has been an issue for a while now. See screenshot below. When I import .pdf's into Evernote they appear like the attached screenshot. Also, I can no longer choose a default .pdf program, the checkbox is grayed out. HELP!!!
  3. I'm a general contractor and I use Evernote saved searches as lists for issues, subcontractor lists, design team lists, personal lists, etc. I set a notebook for each specific project and the search queries are written to only search that project i.e. I have the same search queries across multiple projects, but each one is written to only search for the items within the respective project. So if I have the "@All Next Action" search for 5 projects I have 5 unique "@All Next Action" lists. I easily max out my saved searches and must delete old searches(lists) from previous projects which hinders my ability to go back and look at previous project issues. It would be greatly appreciated if the amount of saved searches was not capped at 200 and was unlimited.
  4. Thanks! Still a work around but much easier than how I was doing it.
  5. Evernote please add the option to the Outlook Webclipper to add the email as an attachment within the note, instead of displaying it in-line. I add many e-mails from the outlook clipper to keep an issue history in each note and it would be very helpful to have email attachments instead of an extremely long note due to multiple emails being attached.
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