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  1. no any attention after 5 days? any answer, evernote team?!! there is no plan for your company to support rtl??
  2. hi, many years i am using evernote and more than 90% of my notes are in persian that is a right-to-left language. i currently use right alignment but it is not working as excpectedly. all signs like ,.)(!? and others moves to left side of line and letters are in right direction. also the text cursor always stays on begining of line in right side and does not follow the position of currently typing letter. look at the text below. it is an example of writing with a rtl language in evernote. all the signs in end of line (like . ! : ) placed in right side but should be in left as the end of rtl sentence. سلام. این یک متن فارسی نمونه‌است! این هم یک نمونه‌ی دیگر از علامت پرانتز: به جهان خرم از آنم که جهان خرم از اوست(سعدی) as it is a very basic requirement for milions of people in the world writing in a rtl languages(like arabic, persian, hebrew), please fix it and add support for rtl languages.
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