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  1. Hi, I apologise in advance as I've done something completely idiotic. I have never used an online notes service - am not remotely knowledgeable about these things. I've set up an Evernote account, installed the apps and, wanting to keep this account and some other emails separate for business purposes had entered my 'email' address as the same as my 'email notes to' address. This has put me into a cycle where i.d. reset or support request sends the email to my evernote email address which I cannot see anywhere within the app. I can't revert to my gmail address as it shows up as being 'in use'. I can't 'click through' to access online support and don't seem to be able to find a phone number for Australian users. Is my understanding somehow deeply flawed here? Can someone let me know if it is possible to log in to my evernote use.r@m.evernote.com email address and check it in the same way I do my gmail account?
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