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  1. Appreciate the information, but I tend to use the full Windows Evernote application rather than online application due to the quantity of notes I have and my constant use and retrieval of notes for research purposes. I re-checked the application and 1. when I select a note in a list of notes and click File | Print Preview, the note opens in a PDF viewer, with Foxit as my default PDF viewer....does the same with Control + Shift + P...., 2. but if I open a note in a separate window and click File | Print Preview or Control + Shift + P, a 'Save As' dialogue box opens and wants me to name the file and save it as a PDF file in the EN Database folder. Neither of the above two behaviors occurred before the last update...just a simple preview window would open, I would check it, and if OK, I would print the note...very simple and easy... Not sure if i understand a clear reason why there is a need to change something that is simple and easy to more complicated, non-user-friendly process, especially without a heads-up. 10+ year user of Evernote, but this is exactly why so many companies fade out of existence if not in tune with customers and how they use their software & products...too bad...
  2. Until very recently, probably before the last update Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829) , I was actually able to see a Print Preview when I clicked on it before actually printing...now I get a Save As Dialogue box to save the file as PDF file, which means I have to save the file and then open it to see a Preview. Why can't I just see a preview of the printed file. All this does is add a bunch of extra steps and a bunch of PDF files I really do not need on computer and then have to get rid of them. Did something go wrong in settings with the last update? Windows 7 64
  3. Does anyone know why notes clipped notes from my Android phone are now showing up as WWW icons with the word Clipping below (attached) in among my desktop clipped notes? This a change in the couple of weeks. To go to actual clipped note, you have to click on the note URL to see it which means the content I wanted to save is not available for searches. Same icon and Clipping shows up in Evernote app but adds phrase "View original" to see note content. Is this an Evernote thing or something occurring when I click Share and then Evernote on the Android device. Previously it would click the entire article and send to Evernote. Looking for any information on what is going and to how to revert back to clipping the entire article directly from Android phone. Thanks
  4. I have noticed this also and like you mentioned this started just a few week ago. I have also noticed that syncing appears to be a bit slower and the EverNote 'not responding' message is definitely more frequent. It seems like the entire Evernote system is not as agile and as quick as it use to be...and at it's point in life, you would think that it would be going in the opposite direction.
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