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  1. Hey guys, im a Premium user now for a while and love Evernote. But im also a music collector and want to save my music on my Evernote Account. I thought it might not be a problem to save MY own songs on MY Evernote account. is there any way that i can violate any terms of Evernote if i do so? I already informed myself on the Evernote page but couldn't get any real results. Is it illegal if i store my Mp3s on my Evernote account without sharing my files with anyone else? Will anyone go through my account and would i have to face charges? Would be shocked, if that was the case.
  2. Hello, started using Evernote yesterday. I'm very interested in purchasing Evernote Premium. I'm a person who tries to read as much as possible and take as many notes as possible. Taking notes on my desktop PC is awesome. Easy to handle. But i want to read PDF files on my smartphone and i want to make snapshots from certain passages that i find in my PDF books, but there doesn't seem to be another option for me other than making a separate screenshot with my phone, then i have to go to my gallery and send it to Evernote. I would love to make a snapshot from a certain part in a book and fi
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