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  1. ... slightly tongue in cheek (so please don't waste time researching)... but the notes include: ... that's very funny... and I can't wait to see 7F is back (somewhat less amusing), which could mean that the spell checker is really fixed.
  2. I gave up with my local folder in the end... at least I've got F7 back. Thank you CalS and Dave.
  3. Nope... I just uninstalled 6.13.14 and then installed 6.7.6... currently hunting for the folder/files!
  4. Update... contrary to previous post (must be getting brain fade), what I have done is: Uninstalled 6.13.14 through control panel (as requested when downgrading) Installed 6.7.6 and allowed synchronisation to complete (obviously, many files) Created a new Note Synchronised So far so good, except that my local articles file had disappeared Signed out of account The 'Local Articles Archive' reappeared (that was easy) Signed into account... the 'Local Articles Archive' disappeared again Spell Checker F7 works (yipeee!) I'll work on the 'missing' local notes folder Th
  5. Thanks CalS; have uninstalled 6.7.6 and am in the process of installing latest version (currently syncing with my files)... Just a thought but did you log out of Evernote on 6.7.6... that's when my problems started.
  6. Thank you CalS... I wouldn't be so bold as to disagree with you but, yesterday, two separate Windows PCs of mine running 6.7.6 could not sync... I will roll back to 6.7.6 from (307474) Public (CE Build ce-48.0.5483) and post back here. In either event, thank you for your help. However, if you and Dave are correct (which I accept is very likely to be the case), the email and posting from ' the leader of Evernote's security team ' is highly misleading. Will roll back and repost ASAP.
  7. Hi Todd, I'm not aware of a Mac version... am aware that was where your 'wish' started but, as you mentioned Windows at the bottom of your post, I thought I'd make this suggestion. Sorry, haven't got a Mac but https://alternativeto.net/software/stickies/?platform=mac might prove of some use to you; seems 'Alternote' has Evernote integration.
  8. Thanks for that Dave but, that version (6.7) will no longer allow you to sync notes (as per the leader of Evernote's security team)... so whereas before one could stick at 6.7 and have a decent spell checker but no other improvements, now even that option has disappeared (apparently).
  9. You're quite correct, this is the "Evernote Sticky Notes" App which one can still download at https://filehippo.com/download_evernote_sticky_notes/ ... but do do use the helpful instruction at http://getgui.com/blog/windows/evernote-sticky-notes-error-411-length-required-on-request-activation-link-to-re-authorize-user-account-sync-notes/#solution or you won't be able to link it to your Evernote account.
  10. ... just thought to also mention that you can create/edit/delete the Sticky Note directly through Evernote (Individual Sticky Notes are saved in a Notebook called 'Sticky Notes')
  11. Just apologising for not having acknowledged gazumped and CalS... had omitted to follow my own post. Just to clarify, this is when Evernote decided to stop having a 'real' (F7) spellchecker...
  12. So, the leader of Evernote's security team has instructed us to upgrade from Evernote for Windows versions 6.4–6.7 to protect ourselves from a vulnerability; very laudable. Unfortunately, more recent versions are missing a spellchecker (in the sense of an F7 with/without custom dictionary). I had previously upgraded and rolled back to maintain the spellchecker but now... So now, if you use Evernote, all you get is a red squiggly line under a typo which you have to manually correct/add to dictionary. ... and a dictionary can no longer be shared across devices so,
  13. ... as you mentioned Windows, there is 'Sticky Notes' which works fine but (to save you lots of time), there is a very helpful instruction at http://getgui.com/blog/windows/evernote-sticky-notes-error-411-length-required-on-request-activation-link-to-re-authorize-user-account-sync-notes/#solution ... the only thing I have found not to work across multiple devices is the colour of the note.
  14. Upgraded to from and found F7 key to do... absolutely nothing. Upon looking at the interface, it seems that spell checking has been removed! Surely not.
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