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  1. Thanks a lot for your insight and suggestions Gazumped. For now as you say I can use the photo editor outside of Evernote. Now I'll hit the Oneplus forums and see if anyone can figure out how to get this thing to play with Evernote!
  2. Hello all I'm using a Oneplus 3T. These phones have no SD card slot, just internal memory, which is not standard for Android but also not uncommon. When I try to edit a picture and save it into a note, Evernote wants me to allow SD card access. However, I have no SD card. The only option that appears is internal storage, and when I select this it tells me I've failed to select the SD card. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  3. Hi everybody, I use note links a fair bit to connect quotes, ideas, and so on which I feel might relate to one another. One thing I'd really appreciate is if every note had a list of "linkbacks" associated with it, so you could look at a note's info and see something along the lnes of "this note has been linked to in the following 5 notes: ..." If you want notes to be true two-way connections, this would prevent the hassle of having to manually link both notes to one another. Both notes would link back to each other just by the act of placing one note link. Another point is just
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