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  1. So much happier!!! Now I can organize on the road and don't have to be chained to a computer.
  2. Thank you very much for this suggestion. It would be nice to add "auto/predictive" tags to the iOS notes sharing/saving functionality. I don't see how or why this would be an issue to do. This already exists in Pocket and several other aggregators. Pocket does a great job at even suggesting tags to use for these iOS web clippings. With Evernote's ContextTM, this should be easily implemented. However, I may be naive to the legal details of this development. There may be propriety algorithms / IP in place. I am an avid EverNote user and I'd like to not use other middle men apps to do the job that EverNote could easily accomplish. If this could be part of the next built, our experience as content creators and aggregators would increase our organization and referencing Thank you.
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