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  1. Ugh just updated to latest and now I have this button as well. I don't see the use when we already have the grey one + key shortcut.
  2. I told you in my industry it would make life a lot easier and if you had my job you'd agree. That's also backed up by none of the (clever but useless) workarounds that have been suggested being an alternative. I'm glad you don't need this feature to be happy with evernote, but I do. Ok so you don't like it when it's in plain sight and you also don't like it when it's obscured? Where's the logic in that? Again there are plenty of programs that have "advanced" options. Hell even my Synology NAS at home has it. How do people learn about it? By checking the settings and pressing the "Expert options" button. By RTFM. By Googling. Where would you put it? I have no preference I just threw this idea of putting it into the settings into the thread since I can understand how newbies could be confused by it. Are you an evernote dev or why are you so against this functionality? Yes it would be easy to implement when compared to some of the beefier functions that evernote has, like in-pdf or OCR searching. I'm sure the dev team is more than capable to implement this. I can code c++ too which to my knowledge is what evernote is written in. And while I'm not a whole dev team I could absolutely implement this functionality if it was my 9 to 5 job to do it. Fair enough. I see a lot of use for this in multiple industries, but probably not a lot of them would come here to speak their voices. Let's take journalists for example which could use tag aliases for different spellings of names i.e. "Muammar Gaddafi", "Moammar Kadafi" etc. Or then there's Biochemistry (my area) which is not only plagued by synonymes when it comes to chemicals but also for biological targets like "PTGDR2", "GPR44", "PGD2R", "DP2", "CRTH2" all being different names for the same receptor. Anyway, thanks for your input. Of course. Just wanted to chime in with a comment too, on top of giving my vote.
  3. Because it's extra, repetitive work that is added to my workflow and it would create unneeded extra tags. If I read a study and use webclipper I'll have to first open evernote, locate the tag list that you suggest then paste it into webclipper. Because you haven't worked in a field where synonymes are a daily occurence. That's an interesting idea but as you already put it, it becomes messy over time. It's not confusing unless it's shoved into newbie's faces. Putting/enabling it somewhere not easily accessible such as the settings would prevent new users from getting confused. That's why many other programs hide their more complicated features and settings in an "advanced" or poweruser expandable tab. Programming wise, an alias for tags would be extremely simple to implement. I'd do it myself if evernote was open source. That is one solution but not always easy to manage. For one it won't allow webclipper to auto tag because even if we use a standard tag, the rest of the internet won't. Right now the "Ibutamoren/MK677/159752-10-0" tag works in the evernote windows client, because the tag search is greedy. Meaning if you search for MK677 the entire tag will be returned. However the webclipper search is not greedy. To get the tag I stated above you WILL have to start the tag search with "Ibutamoren...", searching for any of the other parts of the tag will not bring it up. And auto tagging also doesn't work with a tag like this. Answered in the replies to the quotes above. As per the "prime" synonyme, it doesn't really matter to me that much. The way I would envision this is that in the tag-view in the evernote client you maybe could create a tag, then right click that tag, have a functionality "synonymes" where you can create tag synonymes. Of course these synonymes could then not be used as "real" tag names. I appreciate all of your inputs, but there's simply no other way than a tag alias functionality to solve this problem efficiently and in a neat, clean way. (the way evernote should be used)
  4. I have the same problem. It only happened to bolded tags as well. As a temporary fix you can rightclick all affected tags, select style and then select the color button and set it to black.
  5. They're not child tags they're synonyms. In my example the first one is the brand name, then the chemical name and lastly the CAS number - all of which describe the same substance. It would be very helpful if I could set all these different names as one tag, both for my own overview and for the web clipper. Putting all these names as one string divided by slashes is just the workaround that I am currently forced to use. Basically, we would like to have aliases. It's a solution but it's not very practical and will grow the tag cloud. Also it seems that the tags you're pasting aren't all describing the same thing (synonyms) which is what the OP and I need.
  6. I badly need this. When you're working with different names/codes all relating to the same subject it can get really annoying to keep typing tags like "Ibutamoren/MK677/159752-10-0" and so on.
  7. I need this functionality too it is severely crippling and illogical to use pseudo tagging. Here's 90% of my workflows: Gather data for things I research on the internet. Clip found data into evernote, thanks to webclipper it almost always picks the right notebook to clip into. Brainstorm/grade collected data later on, easy to do with almost folder like hierarchy. But I've ran up a ton of note stacks. I need deeper nesting. So this is what my new workflow should be? Gather data on the internet. Clip it into evernote. Think about hierarchical tag structure for that note Implement tag structure to each clipped note manually Note down my tag structure in some graphical overview/make a picture Use the correct tag search to get all my tags for the "folder" Brainstorm/grade collected data later on Seriously? That's extremely primitive. I'll jump ship towards another note taking tool as soon as I find one with pdf and ocr searching which is somewhat as advanced as Evernote. Does Evernote realize/care that it's ruining its industry leading product by simply not caring about a functionality that has been requested for 8 years and has been shoved aside without a single explanation why it will not be implemented? Also please consider how annoying this would be on an android. I don't know about everyone else but my typing speed on a mobile is at least halfed compared to the desktop if not quartered. So am I really expected to type out PDFs.Biology.Cancer.Research.In-Vivo.Finished to find my pdf's? You know what would help a lot in this case? Folder-like tree navigation that you simply open up with a finger tap.
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