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  1. Hi gazumped, no worries and many thanks for your input. :-) I have a docking station for the notebook so it was quick to move the database from one to the other via LAN. Your solution fixed the issue. When I opened EN into the laptop, it just asked me the EN password and voilà, the files were all synced. I created notes, moved them between Notebooks and now it all seems to be working nicely. I will test it a bit more, before moving all my business working flow into EN. I am enjoying a lot EN, which in my specific case, is better than any of the other Project and CRM software I worked with
  2. First of all, thank you for your replies. I am new to Evernote, I found out it is a top quality tool for me. I wish I had started using it earlier! DTLow, as I am a newbie in fact I did not know about this Local File feature. I just clicked New (Notebook or Note) and wrote into it or added images, files, etc. For this reason, I believe I have no Local notes in my Notebooks. I can check, though, but do not know how to do it. cshihilling, I am logged in with the same user in the desktop and in the laptop. I just harmonized all EN Tools>Options in my Desktop and Laptop. They are the
  3. Hi csihilling, thank you for your reply. I did as advised in the link you posted: 1. Verify you're connected to the Internet - AN: Yes, I am connected and able to post here. 2. Log in to Evernote Web - If you know that a device has already been synced and you still don't see your updated notes on another device, try to see if you can view them in Evernote Web. This will let you know whether your changes have already saved to the Evernote servers.AN: the files are displayed on Evernote Web. 3. Try restarting your computer or device - AN: Restarted it several times in the last days
  4. Hi, I have evernote installed in my PC and in my notebook. They are logged with the same user (me) but the folders are not syncing between PC and notebook. Anybody can help me with tutorial or steps or check list to find out and resolve this issue? Any advice is welcome.
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