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  1. Not as far as I'm concerned. I like bacon in my salad. At least to have the option. Don't get me wrong, EN looks to be a delicious salad but to exclude the option of bacon? Madness.
  2. So how exactly are you able to manually reorder these? I have no manual reorder buttons nor when I touch and hold a note do I get any options.
  3. Ice tried one and two and haven't seen any ability to manually move anything. It all just sits there unless you change the sort order. Can you help further?
  4. Some have said on pc and android you can manually rearrange if you take date sorting off a list. I'm on android and I see no such ability. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I can't believe you can't manually sort notes. How can a note taking app not allow you to do this? And this thread was started when? It's like a new car company comes out with great cars but with steering wheels that only turn right.
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