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  1. Partially because the Webclipper is incapable of appending. At the beginning, I keep the original notes as well, but to begin a project that incorporates them I typically merge them in an order that constructs the narrative train of thought I'm trying to follow--it gives me a more visual outline of what I'm trying to accomplish. The only time the current merge situation works without finagling is when I'm trying to make a daily log of my activities and I haven't already come back to edit/correct any of the notes I've already accomplished something on. To give an example of a merging com
  2. It works, but I'm often merging 30+ items into one note. It's a real pain for a feature they've already implemented in Windows.
  3. Is there a point where we will be able to decide the order of merging note on Mac? Every update comes and goes and still, we can't append a new note to an old one. That's ridiculous.
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