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  1. Yes, you are 100 percent correct. What's also correct is that Evernote has pasted the characters as expected until now. My question is what changed and how can I get the behavior back?
  2. Searched for this but could not find. I've been using Evernote for years and this is new behavior: Paste a string in Evernote. Copy it and paste in another Mac app like Terminal, SublimeText, and it returns encoded as it's retaining its html structure in Evernote. I'm running Mac Version 6.13.3 For example, Evernote shows this correctly: $students = db_query("select studentID, age from {Student}")->fetchAll(); What's pasted is this. Notice the encoding on the greater-than symbol: $students = db_query("select studentID, age from {Student}")->fetchAll(); How do I stop this and retain the working behavior from up to this point?
  3. This is an issue for me as well. Windows 10, latest Outlook version

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