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  1. It is working. I just scanned one of my many files.Thanks for the answer. An interesting observation: If I name a note in Evernote it will not automatically change the name of the file that was saved in the Folder. Also, If I change the name of a file in the Folder it will not automatically change the name of the note in Evernote. Therefore, I have to change manually the Label in both Evernote and the Folder. I wonder if I could change the name once either in Evernote or in the Folder and it would automatically change the name in the other. Anyway I have a long way to go in this project.
  2. You are right. I enabled OCR within ScanSnap converting to scannable PDF's. I am now debating whether to use multipage PDF (whole batch in one PDF) or to generate one PDF file per page. It is easier to use multipage PDF but I think it will be harder to separate the docs for tagging and printing later. Anyway, I will experiment with both approaches.
  3. I finally added the Evernote Legacy and it appears in Finder applications. I also succeeded by scanning a document as Scan to Evernote (Document). Now it appears in both Evernote Legacy and in Evernote.(I also save it on an external drive) My objective is to scan a lifelong of file cabinets to go mostly paperless. The ix500 combined with Scansnap and Evernote seemed the best approach. Scanning a document once I can save it on an external drive as well as in Evernote. Thanks again for your prompt and helpful solution.
  4. Thanks. I dowloaded the Evernote Legacy as suggested. It opens however it does not appear in my Applications. Am I doing something wrong? I am not too familiar with Evernote .
  5. ScanSnap Manager version 6.3 L70 , on Mac OS 10.13.6, does not scan to Evernote (PDF) Version 10.14.7-mac-ddl-public (2661) It says It failed to start Evernote for Mac. Evernote is open on my Mac and it does scan to Evernote (Note) I looked for an answer on the forum and have not found it yet. I will try to send this question also to the ScanSnap forums. Many thanks. Any help is appreciated.
  6. I just started using ScanSnap Manager (Fujitsu ix500) and I cannot find the option to scan multiple pages and allocate one PDF file per page. Where can I find this option? Many thanks.
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