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  1. Evernote has decided to block screenshots. I never asked to disable screenshots of my notes. Don't tell me how to use my phone. Don't take over my phone. This is a NOTE-TAKING app, not a banking app or a porn app or a premium photography app; there is LITERALLY no reason to block screenshots. Stop disabling screenshots. This is ridiculous.
  2. Can't create a note in the Android app now. Whether offline or online, when I click create note, it takes me to a blank screen where I can't do anything. Note creation sometimes works, but it's very intermittent. I also can't take a screenshot of the issue, because Evernote has decided to block screenshots.
  3. It doesn't work AT ALL without 3rd-party cookies. As every experienced web user and all web designers know, 3rd-party cookies are a bad idea, and their use has deep privacy implications. The old/original Web Clipper didn't need 3rd-party cookies, because it was an actual application that worked as you would expect it to, vs. the new Web Clippers is just a dinky web service that requires totally unnecessary 3rd-party cookies. Firefox vs. Chrome aside, Web Clipper shouldn't use 3rd-party cookies.
  4. It doesn't work. When I tried it yesterday, it gave error messages about third-party cookies (no chance I'm enabling them). I uninstalled it. When I saw this post I thought I'd try it again, but now I can't even get to the third-party cookie error message, because when I click the icon, a window pops up and disappears, and nothing else happens.
  5. I use Firefox. Zero chance I'm switching to the inferior Chrome. There is also zero chance I'm enabling third-party cookies. The Web Clipper shouldn't need cookies at all, AT ALL. The old Web Clipper actually worked with the installed version of Evernote instead of a poorly-designed third-party-cookie-needing web service. Why do I pay for Evernote again!?!? It's absolute insanity that Web Clipper needs/wants third-party cookies. Please bring back a real Web Clipper that doesn't need cookies, especially third-party cookies.
  6. Bumping this. This is still a problem and has not been fixed.
  7. A new editor interface has been released, at least in beta, and it still has some of the same problems. It feels like the edit mode was completely designed from the ground up by someone who has never used Android before and didn't use any existing Android APIs for rich text. There are just too many weird quirk and bugs with how the editor works to be explained by anything else. I dropped Premium a while back (and it's not worth paying for again since Evernote does not care about making stable or interoperable software) and non-Premium users can't open tickets anymore, so the only way to give feedback on bugs they won't fix is by posting in this forum they don't read.
  8. Version: 8.1_beta5_4391 On the new note editor for Android, there's yet another bug that causes random scrolling behavior when editing. This has been "fixed" a few times before, on both Windows and Android. This latest instance seems to be related to the new feature where you can tap anywhere on the note, and the editor switches to edit mode and places the caret at that location. This was enabled in a recent release, b ut it causes issues such as this, so it was removed, then more recently it was added back (and seemed to work ok). But now, if you edit a note multiple times with this method, it's impossible to edit the note in more t han one location: 1. Tap the note to go into edit mode 2. Insert text 3. Tap the checkmark 4. Scroll down and tap another spot on the note 5. Start typing, and the caret moves back to the location of the first edit. 6. While in edit mode, scroll back down and tap the second location. 7. Start typing, and the caret moves back to the location of the first edit. 8. Repeat ad infinitum
  9. I had a similar option. I believe Google Play Services needs all requested permissions to get rid of this Evernote error. Not sure why this is.
  10. For one, it is a potential privacy issue, although not a serious one. When I copy and paste text into Evernote, how is Evernote even getting the source URL? Even if the text I copy doesn't have a URL in it at all, Evernote still knows the URL and adds it to the source URL field of the note. Why is Evernote tracking URLs without my explicit permission? But more importantly (and more practically), the URL that text was copied from is often completely unrelated to the text itself. As an example, let's say a friend emails me a joke, and I want to save the joke, so I copy and paste it from Gmail into Evernote. Evernote will add a Gmail URL to the source URL field, but the Gmail URL is completely unrelated to the text I just pasted. The source URL re-populating after having been manually cleared is a true bug/defect. The source URL populating with a URL that is not wanted or relevant is either a bug or an unwanted "feature", depending on how you look at it; in any case, there should be an easy way to disable it, because there are many situations where this is not helpful or is even annoying. Thanks Austin!
  11. What does a user (a premium user I might add) have to do to get a bug fixed? I open a support ticket, which is closed saying I should post about it here. I post about it here, and multiple Evernote employees tell me the buggy behavior is expected and is actually a feature. "It's not a bug, it's a feature" Nice one, Evernote.
  12. The behavior of randomly re-adding information to a field that has manually been removed is expected?
  13. @kvitekp: Your solution is to populate the Note URL field with bogus data on 100% of the notes that I create so that the Note URL field doesn't get auto-populated. I have thousands of notes, and I create new notes very frequently, so it would be wildly ridiculous to try to go through all of my notes and add spaces. The fix to this problem is to add an option to disable this "feature". In addition, the Note URL does get randomly re-populated after it is removed. This means that Evernote is re-adding something that was specifically manually removed. This is not a feature; this is a bug. (Edit: removed text about Evernote not letting you remove the URL in some cases; it turns out that this is a separate issue which I opened a support ticket on)
  14. @emerick, pasting with Ctrl+Shift+V does not solve the problem. Also, multiple times recently I have noticed the Note URL being automatically populated randomly, without user interaction. Even if all I do is copy text from a website (text without a URL) and paste it in the note, and I then remove the Note URL, then at a random time in the future, the Note URL populates back with the URL that I already hand-removed (the URL that was not present in the text that I copied). It seems that in this case Evernote is going out of its way to forcibly add the Note URL back that I obviously do not want there. @s2sailor, yes it matters if the Note URL is there, because it has literally nothing to do with the purpose of the note, and it continually gets added back despite my intentional attempts to remove it. @Enertse, I did raise a support ticket, because this is clearly unwanted (and unwarranted) behavior, but I was told by Evernote Support that I had to submit my bug report here, and my ticket was closed.
  15. I did open a support ticket, and I was told in the support ticket to submit my idea here rather than in a ticket. If I am creating a list of, say, Wikipedia articles I am interested in, I'm not going to create one note per URL if my intention is simply to have a list of links. Let's say that I have a list of 10 URLs in a note. Evernote will add the very first URL as the note URL, so I will remove the note URL. Now, if I paste an 11th URL, now that 11th URL is added as the note URL. You can clearly see that in this case, the note URL has no useful function, so I should be able to disable the functionality with automatically adds a new URL for pasted content. If you copy and paste a quote from a website, Evernote will also add the URL you copied the text from as the note URL, even if there was no URL in the text that was copied. As far as Evernote randomly adding note URLs back, it may not be a "truly random" occurrence, I'm sure there is something I am doing to trigger the URL being added back, but it's not something I am aware of doing, which means that Evernote is triggering this functionality based on non-obvious interaction with the application, which creates a poor user experience.
  16. I have the latest public Evernote release - (301769) Public, running on Windows 7 64-bit. When I paste a URL into the text of a note, the URL is automatically added to the "URL" field (visible by clicking the "Info" button). I have many notes which have multiple URLs in the note text; for these notes, only the first URL pasted is added to the "URL" field. It is rather frustrating to have the "URL" field add a URL automatically when a URL is pasted in the note text, especially if I have a note with many links in it (since only the first one gets saved in that field). Imagine a note which lists 20 articles I'd like to read; what is the use of having the first article URL stored as the note URL? Unfortunately, once I remove the note URL from the Info section, Evernote adds the URL back, sometimes seemingly at random. There is no way to permanently remove the note URL and keep it blank, since Evernote continues to re-populate that field. It would be a much better user experience not to auto-populate the note URL and let the user populate the URL if they want to.
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