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  1. I use Mac M1 at home and Windows PC in the office. And I should point out that Evernote is terribly slow on Windows as well. So I doubt M1 support will resolve speed problems. The Legacy version looks like the only solution, for now.
  2. From the app for rapid notes and awesome notes storage it turned to pretty slow combine and sluggish *****. It's slow on my Windows PC, it's slow on my MacBook M1. The only version that can be used is the legacy version, but it's not supported. I've been using it for years, I've been a premium user for years. But I had to start searching for an alternative.
  3. The odd thing, no news, no dates, nothing from the Evernote team. I've addressed the question to the support team and predictably got the gentle "buzz off" answer. Hate that style of communication.
  4. 6.1.1 Beta has the same issue with an image inserting. It jumps to the top after image pasting. So annoying!
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