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  1. First off, I do want to preface this request by saying that the enhancements and added features that Evernote has rolled out have been pretty stellar (better OCR, Moleskine notebooks, improved web clipper with lots of new features, better document recognition, LinkedIn integration, WSJ integration, better note uploading from iOS, etc.) The issue I find however is that Evernote often lags in the core aspect of the product, namely NOTE TAKING. I briefly switched to OneNote during graduate school (better formatting, better note organization for purposes of class notes) due to this issue. Some examples: it's impossible to change the highlighter color, the inserted tables are awful (what's with the column resizing???), the bullet/numbered list formatting is rudimentary, not possible to star/feature text within a note aside from aforementioned mono-color highlighter, etc. The list goes on. Evernote has become an amazing technological product but it suffers because it does not perform it's core, underlying purpose well: writing text notes.
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