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  1. I would like to adjust the font size for text when writing a note. I can mark it bold, underlined etc. BUT i cannot adjust the textsize or the text color. That is not professional for such a program. Every editor can do this job...
  2. With the tool "printer share" I can print out a document using the share command. But whenI tap "share" within Evernote the option share to printer share does not come up. Only sharing with an email address or sending the link is being offered. So the question is: How to print out of Evernote Android?
  3. Hey, thanks a lot! This was exactly what i was looking for. The default notebook is being selected in the Evernote app. I got it. Thank you!
  4. How can i define the standard (the default) notebook for "save to evernote". Currently it is my notebook "PRIVAT". I would like to change this. Tapping on the notebook name brings up the notebook list so i can change the notebook to "PICTURES". But how can i achieve that the next time when i call "save to evernote" the notebook pictures is presetted? Currently every time i call "save to evernote" my notebook "PRIVAT" is setted as default. Regards Andreas
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