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  1. And another +1. How many requests does it take for Evernote to include an absolute must have?? The inability to share stacks in Evernote is to me comparable to the hypothetical stupid inability to copy folders in Windows. Just imagine if you were only able to copy files one by one in Windows, not a bundle of files at once... This is exactly how many people feel with Evernote. The very purpose of Evernote is sharing work information. A stack is like a "main" folder. A notebook is like a sub-folder. A note is like a file. So basically, you can share a file, a sub-folder, but not the main folder! Realize how stupid that sounds!! Sharing stacks should OBVIOUSLY be a very basic function in ALL VERSIONS of Evernote. Without this, Evernote will never be considered as a serious work tool by the majority. Period.
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