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  1. Nested tags would be useful, so I'll support this. I would also like to state that multi-tag filtering (e.g.: Tag1 AND Tag2 AND Tag3) is what appeals to me. Multi-tag filtering is available on the desktop version but not the iOS version.
  2. I wrote a support ticket requesting this same feature (can't believe it isn't implemented). Received email from Brian S from EN and he said the best way to get my voice heard was to write here and 'vote' for new features. Here is my vote for this feature. Is there anything else I can do to get this request heard? If you agree, please bump the message or help me 'vote' at another location (if you are aware of another movement to get this implemented). I would simply like to select multiple tags to filter messages on my iPad. Currently I can select one (but not more). Or I can set up saved searches on my desktop machine but I want speed and simplicity when trying to quickly find what I need. Thank you, Eric G (premium member)
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