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  1. I have a grocery list note that I created on my Mac desktop app, and it's supposed to look nice and tidy like this all the way down the line: However, when I try to edit it in my Android app so that I can add something while I'm on the go before I forget (you know, basically the entire point of keeping a grocery list in an app like Evernote?) it then becomes this mess: I have tried creating the same note in the Android app, then syncing, then editing, and the same thing still happens. I have tried using my Mac desktop app to create a table where the left column is the aisle headings and the right is populated with checkboxes - then the Android app doesn't recognize the boxes. I have tried using the Android app to create such a table but I can't put checkboxes in a table in the Android app. I do not have the same formatting troubles if I'm using Evernote Web (like working on my grocery list from my work computer), but I can't access Evernote Web using my phone. HEEELP. I'm tired of not being able to add stuff to my grocery list as I remember them. Right now I HAVE to be at a computer to update my list and that's just not cool! What have others done that works?
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