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  1. Is there any way to let the developers know that there are people who need a Linux client? I'm a Premium user and my main OS is Linux, so I think I'm entitled to ask for a Linux version, if it's not too difficult, or support for emulation through Wine. Night mode would be nice as well. Really, the day I can run Evernote on Linux natively and without straining my eyes is the day Premium finally pays off...
  2. I understand that Linux is a small platform with not that many people using it, but consider this: most Linux users are professionals, programmers, system administators, students, a group of people that NEED a good note taking platform. If the Evernote devs don't have time for a native version, at least figure out how to make it work with wine and publish a tutorial, I'm sure that the Linux users will be able to configure wine. I know, there's the web app, if it was like the real thing I wouldn't mind, but it's not... Any other Linux users here that would love a native version?
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