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  1. I have the same problem. I've installed/ uninstllaed the clipper several times. This is the second or third go-round of such failure in the last two years, and I'm really beginning to think Evernote is a piece of s----. I'm wondering if there's a Mac version out there that does the same thing with no trouble. I've paid to upgrade, and had planned to make this my go-to software for taking notes, but now I'm thinking about dumping it and writing off what I spent. Utterly lousy support!
  2. Please do not make any more "improvements" to web clipper until you fix its basic functions.
  3. How many people are going to need to threaten cancellation of their paid subscription to get Evernote's attention on this? I pay a monthly premium, but without the web clipping service this is worth nothing to me. This makes me very resentful of Evernote. They seem only too pleased to take my money every month, but do not make comment here or other deal with the issue. I wish they were more straight-forward in talking with people. The fact that they aren't tells me they either don't care or are too afraid to say they don't have a fix. Either one leaves me frustrated!
  4. I'm having the same problem. And Evernote really sucks when it comes to the user interface of trying to solve this problem.
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