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  1. On a Mac, you can drag your selected tags from the Tag view into a separate application's Text document where they'll be inserted as comma-separated, or drag them right into another note and they'll be applied.
  2. I wrote and awk script: Export from Diigo as CSV tab-delimited Clean up the file a bit, remove empty lines (mine had several) Replace all ampersands in the URL's with & for URL encoding - it was quicker to just do that then figure out awk's gsub() issues with ampersands. Run the awk script on the file and basically that was it. My first couple tries I was getting errors because of the ampersands, but otherwise that's it. usage: ./parse-evernote.ksh diigo.csv > diigo-export-full.enex Here's the ksh script: ------------ #!/bin/ksh
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