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  1. That's been done. Same bug. Further, uninstalling then reinstalling destroys internal application information necessary to debug. it's like cutting the wire to a fire alarm when a fire is raging. Seems like "problem solved" but it's not. There is a reason why this is happening on two totally separate accounts and two totally separate installations. I hope Evernote gets to the bottom of it. Thanks
  2. LONG time Evernote user here -- 10 years -- so I REALLY know the ropes: This bug has been going on for a while now (users complaining about this problem in June 2019). Version 6.22.3. On two different accounts, 2 different computers. Windows 10 (all up to date), latest version of Evernote software. Whenever I start the Evernote for Windows application, every single time it acts like it's reinstalling, presents a progress bar with the title: Evernote v.6.22.3 Please wait while Windows configures Evernote. Gathering required information... [progress bar here] T
  3. I have this problem, too. Long time (10 years) premium Evernote user. So I REALLY know the ropes. Version 6.22.3 says on loading the program for the first time (like after i turn on the computer) "please wait while windows configures evernote" I sure wish Evernote would fix this bug!
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