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  1. To add to what I said above - I did some web searching, read through people's opinions, and it strikes me that the people who really like having a bigger-picture overview of all their notes and quickly swap between different notebooks, and move notes around between notebooks, - these people prefer the Classic interface. The people who enjoy the new interface more strike me as people who prefer working on a smaller scale, with one note at a time. Therefore, I would conclude that the New interface could be a very good ADDITION to the Classic, NOT a replacement. In this way, Evernote becomes an even more flexible and amazing suite of tools for writing, storing, organizing information :). And I will add, if I know that I can switch back and forth at any time, I could see myself sometimes using the new interface, and then switching back to the Classic. In that way, I would have the best of both worlds, the best of both toolkits, and be a happier user in the end <|:)
  2. I agree with what most users above have said: The old/classic Evernote web interface is AWESOME and works perfect for me! The new interface - I agree with everything said above - it is clunky, there is a load of white (and thus, wasted) space on the screen - and I just like how the old Evernote Web allows me to easily glance over my notebooks (left-most sidebar) the notes in the notebook I'm currently working on (bar in the middle) The note I am currently working on (on the right side of the screen) It's perfect! As the old saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! For the sake of your reputation and keeping your users satisfied, I strongly recommend you keep the Classic view available for everyone, and make it available for new users as well. This would strike me as an amazing move in terms of PR. And in this way, you have all the time in the world to finetune the new web client and tinker with it, while retaining the amazing functionality of the Classic web client that a significanat number of users prefer. Everybody wins! (and in the end, disgruntled, unhappy users -> less profit, while happy users -> more profit for the company)
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