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  1. To add to what I said above - I did some web searching, read through people's opinions, and it strikes me that the people who really like having a bigger-picture overview of all their notes and quickly swap between different notebooks, and move notes around between notebooks, - these people prefer the Classic interface. The people who enjoy the new interface more strike me as people who prefer working on a smaller scale, with one note at a time. Therefore, I would conclude that the New interface could be a very good ADDITION to the Classic, NOT a replacement. In this way, Evernote becomes
  2. I agree with what most users above have said: The old/classic Evernote web interface is AWESOME and works perfect for me! The new interface - I agree with everything said above - it is clunky, there is a load of white (and thus, wasted) space on the screen - and I just like how the old Evernote Web allows me to easily glance over my notebooks (left-most sidebar) the notes in the notebook I'm currently working on (bar in the middle) The note I am currently working on (on the right side of the screen) It's perfect! As the old saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fi
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