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  1. Hi Matt, This is happening on multiple desktop machines, IOS apps and Android apps on all devices. This is not a specific issue with one device. It appears to be a software programming issue. Thanks Ryan
  2. Hey Justin,

    I see you may know a little about the latest camera software...

    Is there anyway you could advise regarding my question on photo file names please. all photos are named "photo" instead of the old date and time stamp.

    I've emailed product support however they kept asking for an android screen shot which obviously wouldn't show the issue.

    My previous post is below:







  3. Hi All, Has anyone noticed an issue the photo naming within the new camera software. As part of my job I need to export the photos from each note into windows however photos are now only named "picture" which causes problems dragging and dropping into windows. The issue is only happening since the Evernote mobile app has updated to the new camera software. This is a mobile app issue rather than a windows issue. My guess is that the camera software has been reprogrammed and the unique photo naming has been turned off or forgotten. This is the same for both IOS and Android. Ive tr
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