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  1. A lot of you are missing the main point from the original post. You can NO LONGER create and edit a encrypted note in Evernote. Prior to the "New" version you could. For years you could. Evernote has taken away that feature and, currently, does not have published plans to bring it back. Existing notes with encrypted data in them cannot be edited, unless you want to turn the feature off. That is what is frustrating. That, superb, feature was available for years, without having to export or do anything else outside of Evernote. As the users who have used the encryption are saying, bring THAT feature back.
  2. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree. Encryption is what drew me to Evernote 10 years ago, it is why I pay to be a Premium member. The new version of Evernote has ruined the ability to edit all of my notes with encryption. I have a laptop that I refuse to update because I can still edit my encrypted notes on that machine. I want encryption back the way it was. Whoever thought the current version is useable does not understand Evernote or its customers.
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